#R3 Interstellar is the best movie ever made.

First of all I apologize for taking so long for this blog post. I had been a bit busy lately and this will not happen again. Moving on 🙂 Instead of writing down a catchy opening sentence to this blog … Continue reading

#R1 Who doesn’t like Wine ?

So, here I go. After endlessly procrastinating the entire week, I finally have the time to write my first blog post.  Wine and I are just getting into the blogging scene and will be more regular with the blog posts in the future 🙂 .

Let me talk about the blog first.

What will the blog posts be on?

The posts will cover a whole range of topics ranging from our tastes, preferences, professions, interesting relationship facts, to probably even a regular update into our lives. The posts may concern the both of us or I may just go blabbering about myself. Overall, what I am trying to say is, there is no guessing what the next post is going to be on. We can and will blog on anything and everything. One thing is sure. Posts will be interesting, funny, exciting or as simple as something you can immediately relate to.

Now that the blog has been talked about, let’s move on to myself. Basically, I just love being happy. Yes. Very happy.  On a less metaphysical level, I am very passionate about gaming, playing the guitar, composing songs and Mathematics. I love reading, I am the eBooks kind. Oh and I absolutely love bothering Wine. (HA HA). It has been around 2 months since I started work at the new place. Wine and I used to work in the same firm before this, but in different places. Who knew we would end up leaving that job to spend more time with each other :). Anyway this will be the topic for another post some other day. I had an adventurous field job before this. Contrary to popular opinion, I deliberately chose a less adventurous desk job over that. I did not enjoy all the adventure and travel without Wine being around. I was making much more money, travelling and seeing new places. But, in the end all that seemed so shallow and meaningless because Wine wasn’t there. I want her to always be a part of my happiness. What is the point of making so much money if I can’t spend it with her ? So, one fine day we both decided to quit our fat paychecks and started our quest for a better life together. Wine was smart enough to land a job the day she quit. I followed 3 weeks later with the job I always wanted from the start. Today we both have much more time for each other. We spend ample quality time together. Life is awesome. Even today when I look back I feel proud of myself of having taken that bold decision 60 days back. As I said, I love being happy ! 🙂

Alright folks, I suppose this should be it for this post. I will be back with another post next week. Be sure to check out Wine’s post. She is pretty awesome too! (kidding)(kidding again)(I am so dead)(nevermind)

Ciao !


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#W1 Wine

As rich as the color of wine,

Shall be our interaction here.

Open to judgment in any tastevin,

It shall rise victorious each time.

As true as the smell of wine,

Shall be our fellowship here.

Amongst all its diverse aromas,

The distinct one shall survive.

As the flavor impression lasts a while,

Shall be our views and thoughts here.

Even though sour, the teensy touch of sweetness,

Shall always linger around.